2018 Top Ten


In 2018 we had a successful full-cycle review with the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education! Watch the video that shows just a few reasons Crossroads achieved a perfect review!


This year, the Sunshine Committee took on new leadership and new responsibilities. These sunny staff members planned staff outings and coordinated incredible Halloween and Thanksgiving celebrations.


Crossroads has an incredible vocational program to help students find work they enjoy. Students practice skills in school and then find jobs in the community with the help of our vocational partners!


In 2018, the tree of Crossroads grew! Take a look at our school’s growth across departments.


Coming in at number six is Staff Success! Crossroads is so proud of our amazing staff members. So many within our school earned degrees, certifications, and promotion! Go Team Crossroads!


Number five of the #2018top10 is our incredible corporate sponsors and supporters! We are so lucky to be in the Marlborough community with so many businesses and organizations that care about our school- check them out!


Of course #studentsuccess made our #2018top10 list! Success comes in many forms, and we celebrate achievements big and small at Crossroads. Today we want to congratulate all of the students that graduated or transitioned from Crossroads School!


Number three of our #2018top10 list is our PARENTS! Crossroads parents are so incredible that we made a video highlighting all the amazing things they accomplished this past year. We can’t wait to see what we can do together in 2019!


In 2017 Crossroads students asked for a playground and outdoor spaces, and in 2018 we delivered! Check out the sport court and playground in this “kids-eye-view” video!


Ringing in the new year at number one for our #2018top10 is our Desensitization Program! Often times, students with autism have hypersensitivity to their surroundings and may struggle with new experiences. Check out this video about how our desensitization program helps our students succeed!

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