Family Services

At Crossroads School we know families play an intricate role in the lives of our students. We value every opportunity to connect with families to better understand the needs of our students for increased success and independence. In addition, it is important to support families with generalization of skills and methods for decreasing challenging behaviors outside of the school environment.

Student Days

  • Monthly meetings held at Crossroads School for families
  • Overview of each IEP objective and progress
  • Opportunity to discuss areas of concern and problem solve

Sibling Camp

Siblings are such an important part of our student’s lives. As a result, each summer we offer a summer camp for the siblings of our students. Half of the day is spent in more traditional camp type activities with the second part of the day spent on activities with the students.

Childcare Nights

Several nights throughout the year, staff and activities are available for students and their siblings to afford parents the opportunity for cost-free, quality childcare.

“Crossroads School has been the best thing to happen to Tommy, as he is finally at a facility that is entirely knowledgeable, focused, and equipped to maximize his potential. All of the people (bar none) that have worked with Tommy have impressed me with their genuine care and concern for him, and their obvious commitment to help all these kids.” J.R.