Student Day

To help keep parents informed about their child’s progress in school, and to receive updates from parents about how things are going at home, Crossroads School has Student Day Meetings. These meetings provide 1.5 hours per month for parents and staff to review clinical and educational programming, as well as discuss strategies to overcome challenges in the home and at school.

In addition to parents, a student’s teacher and case manager (as staffing allows) attend Student Day Meetings. Parents are welcome to request additional members of a student’s treatment team to attend as well. Those individuals may include the Educational and Behavioral Services Coordinator (EBSC) (i.e., Classroom Supervisor), Occupational Therapist (OT), Speech- Language Pathologist (SLP), Physical Therapist (PT), Adaptive Physical Education Instructor (APE), and/or Home Programming Supervisor. Please note that attendance by these individuals may not always be possible due to scheduling conflicts, but with advance notice, special accommodations can often be made. Parents can bring whomever they want to the Student Day Meeting (e.g., outside home service provider). However, we request that the teacher be made aware ahead of time in order to plan the agenda accordingly.

Parents select the day of the week within the month for their child’s Student Day Meeting (e.g., the third Tuesday of each month) from options provided to them by their child’s Teacher. After that initial selection, Crossroads will schedule the remainder of the meetings accordingly. However, due to time constraints, Student Day Meetings are not held in the same month as Team meetings (e.g., IEP meeting, IEP reconvene meeting). In addition, the Student Day Meeting held one month prior to the IEP meeting is reserved for completion of a “Punch List” of important topics to be covered in the IEP meeting. In essence, it is a meeting to prepare for the upcoming IEP meeting.

Five days prior to a Student Day Meeting, parents are sent a Student Day Planning Form. Parents use this form to request the attendance of particular staff members and to identify which topics they would like to see on the meeting agenda. The Student Day Meeting has three 30-minute sections. The content of each is determined through collaboration between parents and staff. For example, if a student has home services and the parents request the SLP to attend, the meeting agenda might be set up in the following way: 9:30-10:00 home service, 10:00-10:30 speech, 10:30-11:00 academics. One day prior to the meeting, parents are sent an updated agenda with current data notes about progress since the last Student Day Meeting and progress towards the IEP annual objectives. While the report will include data on all IEP objectives, all programs may not be reviewed each month due to the individualized and mutually agreed upon priorities for each meeting.