Catherine Niech

Catherine Niech is the Director of Product Development at Definitive Healthcare, a healthcare data and analytics company based in Framingham, MA. Catherine joined Definitive Healthcare as an analyst in 2014 and since that time, the company has quickly grown from 20 employees to over 350 employees. Definitive Healthcare aims to facilitate better conversations and better results in the healthcare industry through the availability of accurate and innovative healthcare data. Catherine leads a team of analysts and researchers who work to bring insights into the healthcare industry through the analysis of healthcare data and development of Definitive Healthcare’s cloud-based platform.

In 2016, Catherine was a founding committee member of Definitive Healthcare’s employee volunteer program, DefinitiveCares.  Catherine has served as a liaison between Crossroads and DefinitveCares since 2015 and has organized Definitive involvement in a variety of Crossroads School events including Field Day, Halloween Trick-or-Treating, sponsorship and participation in the Annual 5K and Family Fun Day, and more.

Catherine holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Geoscience from Boston College and resides in Boston.

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