Our art program gives all students an opportunity for self-expression, cultivation of creativity and personal enjoyment through structured art classes. Students will practice their fine motor and foundational art skills using various materials including- oil and chalk pastels, tempera paint, watercolor paint, clay, markers and crayons.  Art classes provide students the opportunity to generalize skills they are working on in their classrooms, and with our Related Services Team (e.g., fine motor skills, speech skills). Student work is showcased throughout the school and at events throughout the year.

Kayla McLaughlin

Enrichment Teacher

Kayla McLaughlin moved to Boston and started at Crossroads in September 2018 as our first full-time Enrichment Teacher.  Prior to Crossroads, she spent several years teaching general music in the New Jersey Public Schools. It was during that time that she saw a need for the development of arts programs for individuals with disabilities- which in turn sparked a new passion.

Kayla received her Bachelor of Music in Music Education from Westminster Choir College in Princeton, NJ where she was trained in classical voice. She is currently pursuing a Masters of Music in Music Education with a Concentration in Autism from Boston Conservatory at Berklee. On Saturdays, Kayla works at the Berklee Institute for Arts Education and Special Needs as a private piano and voice teacher and co-facilitates the Inner Harmony Chorus for individuals with disabilities. Additionally, she is a graduate assistant for the Boston Conservatory at Berklee Music and Autism program.

Kayla enjoys the unique experience of working creatively with all the students at Crossroads in their weekly music and art classes!  In her free time she loves exploring Boston with friends, going to the beach, and visiting her family back in New York.

Featured Lesson:
Make Your Mark

Each class read the book, “The Dot” by Peter H. Reynolds in art class. It is about a student feeling discouraged in art class until her teacher tells her to make a dot and see where it takes her. Students then had the choice of decorating a quarter of a dot or a full dot to put up for the beginning of the year collaborative project. Students chose from a variety of art materials and could decorate their dot however they wanted to. When you take a closer look, you can see how each dot represents the individual who created it and the unique ways that we all “make our mark!”

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Meet the Photographer:

Connor is a student at Crossroads who works as an intern in the Development Department as part of his vocational training. He takes photographs of student artwork, helps with filing and a variety of office tasks, and organizes Crossroads merchandise.

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