Day School Leadership

Benjamin Bruneau
Clinical Director
Benjamin BruneauClinical Director
Ben began his career in teaching and producing positive behavior change at the New England Center for Children (NECC). In 1998, he left NECC to assist a local public school district in building an ABA-based inclusion program for children with autism spectrum disorders, one of the earliest of its kind, which would go on to serve as a model for school districts across the Commonwealth. He has held numerous roles in his time there, including supervision for the kindergarten/first grade ABA inclusion program and district-wide behavior consultant, which allowed him to work with parents and educators facing a wide variety of behavioral challenges and diagnoses associated with autism, conduct disorder, communication disorder, emotional disturbance, oppositional defiant disorder, and selective mutism. In 2008, a colleague convinced him to visit Crossroads to see a school play. He found the school’s vision and mission of improving the quality of life for individuals with autism perfectly matched his own, which prompted his application to Crossroads. In recent years, Ben conducted symposia on assessing preference and teaching social skills to students with autism at regional and national conferences. He has provided a wide range of trainings on how to produce meaningful behavior change for school personnel and parents in various districts across the state. In 2014, Ben was awarded the Jerry Shook Practitioner of the Year award from the Berkshire Association for Behavior Analysis and Therapy for meaningfully changing the lives of individuals using applied behavior analytic technology. Ben loves working at Crossroads because it affords him the ability to work directly with a close-knit community of students, parents, and educators. In his private life, Ben loves spending time with his family and being outdoors three seasons of the year, when he hikes, mountain bikes, and looks for places to fish in beautiful New England. While his days of going on tour are over, he also still enjoys playing occasional shows with his rock band.
Lindsay Roberts
Educational Director
Lindsay RobertsEducational Director

Lindsay is a Board-Certified Behavior Analysist (BCBA) and a License Applied Behavior Analyst (LABA). She began working with the autism population during an undergraduate practicum in 2007, where she assisted in an art classroom for adults on the spectrum.  After receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Wheaton College (MA) in 2009, she went on to work as a Lead Instructor at the New York Center for Autism Charter School (NYCACS), where she discovered her passion for Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and set her sights on becoming a BCBA.  Lindsay completed her ABA coursework through Florida Institute of Technology (FIT) and received her Masters of Education in Mental Health Counseling from Teachers College at Columbia University in 2015.  Lindsay started at Crossroads as an Educational and Behavioral Services Coordinator (EBSC) in 2016 and has been in the role of Education Director since 2019. She feels so fortunate to work at a school where student’s successes are celebrated and staff are encouraged to learn and grow.

In her free time Lindsay loves playing board games with friends and family, baking cookies, and going on hikes with her husband and dog.

Chris Quartarone
Director of Admissions / Program Services
Chris QuartaroneDirector of Admissions / Program Services

Chris received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism from the University of New Hampshire and his MBA at Framingham State University. Chris has been part of Crossroads School in many different capacities since 2009, helping the school nearly double in size during his tenure. He is currently working towards his M.Ed with a concentration in Educational Technology at Framingham State University.

As Crossroads’ Admissions Director, Chris enjoys meeting with new families and showing them the outstanding features of our school. After enrollment, he delights in watching the student’s progress. In his IT role, he ensures students and staff have the technology solution they need to succeed. He also co-chairs the MAAPS Information Technology Group.

In his free time, he enjoys traveling and spending time with family and friends, especially his young daughter Sophia!

Phone: 508.651.7500 ext.334

Ryan Palmison
Director of Related and Vocational Services
Ryan PalmisonDirector of Related and Vocational Services

Ryan received his Bachelor of Science in Psychology and his Master’s in Occupational Therapy from Springfield College in 2009. He has been serving students with autism since 2008 and began working at Crossroads in 2009. In 2014, he received a Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis from Endicott College. Ryan has also presented his research at the Berkshire Association for Behavior Analysis and Therapy conference.

Since joining Crossroads, Ryan established a strong Vocational Department, which includes partnerships with 14 local businesses and organizations to provide our students with essential job skills. In 2015, Ryan was recognized by the Massachusetts Association of Occupational Therapy as the Outstanding Practitioner of the Year. Ryan most enjoys the collaboration between families and Crossroads to promote independence and skill acquisition.

In his free time, Ryan enjoys trail running and spending time with his family.

Rachel Baxter
Nursing Director
Rachel BaxterNursing Director

Rachel earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from Fitchburg State College in 2009.  She has since worked in a variety of healthcare settings including long-term care, home care, and adult day programs.  Rachel began working with individuals with disabilities as the lead program nurse for Seven Hills in 2014, where she discovered her passion working with individuals with Autism.  She started working at Crossroads School in September 2020 as the School Nurse and was promoted to the Nursing Coordinator position in November 2020.  She has greatly enjoyed getting to know all the students, families, and staff of the Crossroads community. She is excited to continue providing the critical health and wellness services students need to be successful learners in school.

Outside of Crossroads, Rachel enjoys traveling the world with her boyfriend, reading, and helping her dog live his best life during his golden years.

Amanda Sheehy
Training and Educational Coordinator
Amanda SheehyTraining and Educational Coordinator

Amanda earned her Undergraduate Degree and Elementary Education Teacher License at Assumption College.  She then earned her Master’s Degree in Education, concentration in Special Education, at California State, San Marcos.  She holds a Master’s Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis and is Certified as a Teacher of Children with Special Needs.  From 2013-2015, Amanda served as an ABA Counselor in various classrooms.  Then, from 2015-2017, Amanda served as our Adaptive Physical Education (APE) Teacher.  As the APE Teacher, Amanda worked with every student in the school; and has built meaningful relationships with all of the students and faculty.

When not working, Amanda enjoys coaching basketball and hanging out with her dog.

Ryan Hand
Educational & Behavioral Services Coordinator
Ryan HandEducational & Behavioral Services Coordinator

Ryan received a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Massachusetts and a Master’s Degree in Education from Cambridge College. She has been a Board Certified Behavior Analyst since 2014, and a Licensed Behavior Analyst since 2016. She is currently working towards her initial teaching licensure in severe disabilities. She has also presented at both regional and national conferences.

Ryan joined Crossroads in 2011 as an ABA Counselor and now serves as an Educational and Behavioral Services Coordinator. Ryan loves Crossroads’ commitment to helping students become independent adults and its commitment to vocational training. She also truly values the relationships she has built with the Crossroads families and staff.

In her spare time, Ryan enjoys going to concerts, reading, and attending trivia nights.

Noah Borgondy
Educational & Behavioral Services Coordinator
Noah BorgondyEducational & Behavioral Services Coordinator

Noah received a Bachelor’s Degree in English from Calvin College and a Master’s Degree in Behavior Analysis from Simmons College. Noah has been a Board Certified Behavior Analyst since 2010 and a Licensed Behavior Analyst since 2016. He has also presented at both regional and national conferences.

Noah has been a member of the Crossroads team since 2012. Besides the students, he loves the family-like feel of the school and its commitment to improving students’ quality of life.

In his spare time, Noah used to enjoy reading fiction, taking artsy photographs, painting, and watching great TV shows. Now, as the father of two super-cute daughters, he enjoys reading children’s books, taking pictures of the girls, finger-painting, and sleeping.

Tanya Mouzakes
Educational & Behavioral Services Coordinator
Tanya MouzakesEducational & Behavioral Services Coordinator

Tanya graduated from Boston University with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Psychology in 2009. In November of 2009, she joined Melmark New England as a residential ABA Counselor, hoping to help improve the quality of life of the children she worked with. Tanya quickly discovered that she not only loved her job, but she succeeded at it. Tanya was promoted to Lead ABA Counselor in October of 2011 and to a Program Coordinator in June of 2012. Within these two roles, Tanya continued to maintain the high standards of quality care for herself, her staff, and her students. Tanya also graduated from Northeastern University with her Masters in Applied Behavior Analysis in May of 2013 and received her Board Certification in Behavior Analysis (BCBA) in September during this time. Tanya was then promoted to the Assistant Director of Residential Services in the March of 2014 where she took on two residential clinical case loads. Tanya’s passion for clinical programming and research continued to grow during that time and she transitioned over to a Clinical and Educational Coordinator in July 2015.

Tanya joined the team at Crossroads in November 2016 and have been overseeing clinical and academic programming for two classrooms. In September 2014, Tanya also began pursuing her PhD in Behavior Analysis at Western New England University with Dr. Gregory Hanley as her advisor. Tanya’s current research interests include the analysis and reduction of problem behavior, functional communication training, and generalization of functional communication responses. Tanya has also presented her research at regional and national conferences.

Abigail Haas-Hooven
Educational & Behavioral Services Coordinator
Abigail Haas-HoovenEducational & Behavioral Services Coordinator

Abby is a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and a Licensed Applied Behavior Analyst (LABA). She received a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Wheaton College and a master’s degree in Special Education and Applied Behavior Analysis from Vanderbilt University. Abby first began working in the autism field during an undergraduate internship at the Groden Center and has been working in the field ever since. Since graduating from Vanderbilt in late 2018, she worked as a Behavior Specialist in the Brookline Public Schools and most recently as an in home BCBA with Boston Behavior Learning Centers. Abby Joined Crossroads in March 2020 as an Educational and Behavioral Services Coordinator. Abby is committed to working with staff and families to ensure each student meets their individualized goals.

In her personal life, Abby enjoys cooking, road tripping with friends and spending time with family and her dog Luna.

Emily Starvaski
Educational & Behavioral Services Coordinator
Emily StarvaskiEducational & Behavioral Services Coordinator

Emily is a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and a License Applied Behavior Analyst (LABA). She began working in the field during an undergraduate internship at Bradley Hospital’s Center for Autism and Developmental Disabilities. After receiving her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, she worked as a behavior therapist at RCS Learning Center. She was quickly promoted to Lead teacher. During this time, she discovered how her passions for education, psychology and science would lead to great success in the field of applied behavior analysis and set out to become a BCBA. In 2017, Emily graduated from Simmons College with a Master of Science in Behavior Analysis. 

In early 2018, Emily joined the Kennedy Day School at Franciscan Children’s as their first full-time BCBA ever hired. She helped establish data driven initiatives and access to behavior analytic programming for students with complex behavioral and medical needs. In hopes of continuing her clinical and supervisorial experience, Emily joined Crossroads in mid 2020 as an educational and behavioral service coordinator. Emily loves the challenge of collaborating across multiple disciplines to address the unique needs of her students.

 In her personal life, Emily enjoys traveling to national parks, attending comedy shows, and seeing as much live music as possible.

Kirsten Lally
Educational & Behavioral Services Coordinator
Kirsten LallyEducational & Behavioral Services Coordinator

Kirsten is a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and a Licensed Applied Behavior Analyst (LABA). She received a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Worcester State University and Master’s Degree in Applied Behavior Analysis from Regis College. Kirsten began working with the autism population during her undergraduate coursework, completing an internship at the New England Center for Children. Soon after graduation, she began working at Crossroads as an ABA Teacher in 2017, moving to a Lead Special Education Teacher in 2019.  Kirsten is committed to helping students and staff meet their individualized goals. She loves the dedication that this school promises to each student.


When not at Crossroads, Kirsten enjoys staying active and spending time with her family and friends.

Caroline Kalberer
Occupational Therapy Coordinator
Caroline KalbererOccupational Therapy Coordinator

Caroline received her Bachelor of Science in Occupational Studies from the University of New England in Biddeford, ME in 2011. Caroline then went on to complete the Masters of Science in Occupational Therapy (accelerated track) on UNE’s Portland campus. She has been a member of the Crossroads family since 2013.  Caroline was the chair of the Playground Committee, developing the layout and selecting equipment for both the Sports Court and playground that were installed in 2018. She is a dedicated member of several groups at Crossroads including Safety Committee, Girls Group, the Golf committee, Giving Tuesday Committee and the Development Committee. Caroline is so proud of the work being done in OT sessions across the school with a focus on increasing the well-being, quality of life and independence of our students through the use of everyday activities.  

Outside of Crossroads, Caroline enjoys playing golf, reading, cooking, baking, and spending time with her husband Brian and son Brooks.

Julie Rosoff
Physical Therapy Services Coordinator
Julie RosoffPhysical Therapy Services Coordinator

Julie received her bachelor of science in Exercise Science from the University of Delaware in 2011. She immediately continued her graduate education at Franklin Pierce University for physical therapy, earning her clinical doctorate in 2014. Since then, her career has been dedicated to pediatrics and individuals with intellectual disabilities. She has worked with clients of every age, across a wide variety of settings including early intervention, public schools, day habilitation programs, and skilled nursing facilities.

She particularly enjoyed early intervention for the unique opportunity it provides to educate and empower family members and the school setting to witness the increased access to education. This is why Crossroads is such a perfect fit for her. She greatly values the relationship she can have with families and students, as well as staff members, to all work together for the student. In fact, this is her second time working at Crossroads, the first being over six years ago as a per diem physical therapist when the school was still growing in Natick. Once the Crossroads hired someone full time, her per diem contract was over. But when the school was looking to add another PT to their staff (thanks Caroline for the lead!), she jumped at the chance!

In her free time, she can be found reading Harry Potter at all hours, enjoying long walks with her family, and traveling to wherever there is a large body of water!

Danielle Aragona
Speech and Language Services Coordinator
Danielle AragonaSpeech and Language Services Coordinator

Danielle received her Bachelor of Science in 2012 and Master of Arts in 2014 in Communication Disorders and Sciences from the University of Massachusetts – Amherst. During this time, Danielle pursued opportunities to work with students with autism and complex communication disorders, with a focus on the implementation of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) systems. Danielle joined the Crossroads team in 2015, and is dedicated to increasing student’s speech and language skills to allow them to communicate efficiently and effectively across settings and communication partners, as well as participate in social settings and vocational opportunities.

Outside of Crossroads, Danielle enjoys playing recreational sports with friends, bike riding with her mom, and trying new restaurants.

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