Desensitization Program

Children and adults with autism often have increased sensitivity to their surroundings.  Events and activities such as dentist visits, doctors appointments, and getting a haircut can be stressful for the whole family.  At Crossroads, we’ve developed simulated spaces for students to adjust to new experiences and practice with their teachers.

Haircut Desensitization

  • Systematic exposure to clippers, scissors, wearing a cape, spray mist, hair dryer, salon/barber chairs, mirrors, having another “customer” nearby, barber’s pole
  • Gradually build tolerance for having hair cut and brushed/combed; increasing length of time, closer cut, more frequent visits

Medical and Dental Desensitization

  • Simulated Examination room with reclining exam chair
  • Systematic exposure to blood pressure cuff, stethoscope, doctor’s lab coat and mask, double beam scale, exam gloves and eye shield
  • Build tolerance to dental and physical exam procedures; increasing length of time, replica dental tools, toothbrushing

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