Health and Wellness

Nursing Department

Crossroads Nursing Department works closely with parents, outside medical providers, and all classroom staff members to provide high-quality, patient-centered care to students. Upon admission, Crossroads Nursing Department meets with parents/guardians to learn more about each student’s unique medical needs. If appropriate, the Nursing Department then works with parent/guardians and outside providers to construct individualized health care plans to maintain the health and safety of the student. After this initial meeting, the Nursing Department continues to maintain open and frequent communication with parent/guardians and outside healthcare providers so that all students receive comprehensive and individualized care throughout the school year.

The Nursing Department also plays and active role in individualized medical desensitization programs. Some of these programs take place in the Nursing Department and involve mock blood draws, while others take place in the simulated doctor’s office and involve mock physicals and dental exams.  Desensitization is a high priority for the Nursing Department and in turn members of the department work closely with Lead Teachers and Supervisors to advance desensitization programs as students develop new medical needs. 

At present, the Crossroads Nursing Department consists of a Nursing Director and School Nurse who are both currently pursuing a Masters in Nursing Education.

Wellness Initiative

In addition to providing medical care, the Nursing Department works closely with the Physical Therapy Department to produce an annual Wellness Initiative. Currently, this initiative address four themes: hygiene, physical activity, community helpers, and nutrition and hydration. During the initiative, members of the Nursing and Physical Therapy Departments produce school-wide activities to educate students on ways to enhance their health and wellness as it pertains to the four wellness themes. Frequently, community partners such as members of the Marlborough Fire and Police Departments assist with this initiative and provide students with hands on educational experiences. The Wellness Initiative also includes a school-wide Turkey Trot, which has been a huge hit among the students!

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