Parent Involvement

Student Day Meetings

To help keep parents informed about their child’s progress in school, and to receive updates from parents about how things are going at home, Crossroads School has Student Day Meetings. These meetings provide 1.5 hours per month for parents and staff to review clinical and educational programming, as well as discuss strategies to overcome challenges in the home and at school.

In addition to parents, a student’s teacher and case manager (as staffing allows) attend Student Day Meetings. Parents are welcome to request additional members of a student’s treatment team to attend as well. Those individuals may include:

  • Educational and Behavioral Services Coordinator (i.e., Classroom Supervisor)
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Speech-Language Pathologist
  • Physical Therapist
  • Adaptive Physical Education Instructor
  • Home Programming Supervisor

“At the Student Day I get to meet with not only his teacher and case manager, but also a member of the speech, OT, and/or PT teams, if I choose. This is helpful and keeps me up to date with everything my son is learning from all the incredible members of his team. 

Now, during a tough situation at home, I ask myself, “What did they tell me in the Student Day?” I applied what they told me during Student Days to life at home, and things started to get a bit easier. My family and I have a mountain to climb, but because of what I learn at Crossroads, I know there is chance to reach the top.”

-Dave F. Crossroads Parent

Parent Advisory Group (PAG)

Parents are encouraged to participate in the PAG to help support the mission, vision, and values of our school. The PAG supports our skilled and talented staff through special events throughout the year and with a full week of activities during Teacher Appreciation Week. The PAG meets quarterly at Crossroads School and childcare is available for Crossroads Students and siblings (3+). Parents who cannot attend in person are welcome to participate via phone conference.

Volunteer Opportunities

Parents are encouraged to volunteer at events throughout the year, including our annual Halloween and Thanksgiving Events.

For more information about parent involvement opportunities, contact Jamie Faulkner, Communications and Events Coordinator, at 508-651-7500 x365 or

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