Kristine Brennan

Physical Therapy Services Coordinator

Kristine received her Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology with a minor in Nutrition and Community Health from the University of Massachusetts – Lowell in 2011. Kristine then went on to complete the Doctor of Physical Therapy program where she concluded her coursework, earning the Clinical Excellence Award for her class (2014). She has been a member of the Crossroads family since 2014.  Kristine was recognized with Crossroads’ Quarterly Staff Award, “People’s Choice Award” in September 2016 for her exceptional service and dedication to our students. She is dedicated to increasing student’s access to physical activity while also improving their confidence and expanding their gross motor repertoire. With this, she is hopeful the students will be better prepared for a healthier lifestyle after they transition from Crossroads at 22.

Outside of Crossroads, Kristine enjoys camping, playing recreational sports, reading, and spending time with her husband and young children Kelly and Beckett.

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