Tanya Mouzakes

Educational & Behavioral Services Coordinator

Tanya graduated from Boston University with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Psychology in 2009. In November of 2009, she joined Melmark New England as a residential ABA Counselor, hoping to help improve the quality of life of the children she worked with. Tanya quickly discovered that she not only loved her job, but she succeeded at it. Tanya was promoted to Lead ABA Counselor in October of 2011 and to a Program Coordinator in June of 2012. Within these two roles, Tanya continued to maintain the high standards of quality care for herself, her staff, and her students. Tanya also graduated from Northeastern University with her Masters in Applied Behavior Analysis in May of 2013 and received her Board Certification in Behavior Analysis (BCBA) in September during this time. Tanya was then promoted to the Assistant Director of Residential Services in the March of 2014 where she took on two residential clinical case loads. Tanya’s passion for clinical programming and research continued to grow during that time and she transitioned over to a Clinical and Educational Coordinator in July 2015.

Tanya joined the team at Crossroads in November 2016 and have been overseeing clinical and academic programming for two classrooms. In September 2014, Tanya also began pursuing her PhD in Behavior Analysis at Western New England University with Dr. Gregory Hanley as her advisor. Tanya’s current research interests include the analysis and reduction of problem behavior, functional communication training, and generalization of functional communication responses. Tanya has also presented her research at regional and national conferences.

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